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?PBV Valves
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PBV is a leading manufacturer of customized ball valve solutions that consistently meet difficult oil and gas requirements. From using weld overlays for hostile environments to fabricating extensions and coatings for buried service, PBV can call on its outstanding staff of engineers and manufacturing experts to create one-of-a-kind valve solutions for highperformance applications as well as upgrades to off-the-shelf products.

From computer-generated fluid dynamics calculations, to valve sizing that conforms to site piping geometry, to finite element analysis, PBV works hard to understand customers' exceptional needs, then designs and delivers a customized product that meets or exceeds those criteria. PBV has a proven track record of offering all the engineering, supervision, labor, materials, documentation and transportation necessary to meet the demands of complex installations.

With a sophisticated daily cycle-counting and order-picking system using wireless barcode guns, PBV customers are assured of accurate inventories and faster deliveries. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Stafford, Texas, technically competent staff and support, and worldwide sourcing options, PBV has an unparalleled capacity to offer advanced, dependable valve solutions.

Product Summary

  • Three-piece forged body trunnion ball valves
  • Two piece floating ball valves
  • Small diameter one/two/three piece ball valves
  • API 6D floating ball and swing check valves
  • Worm gear operators
  • Engineered solutions for demanding service