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Companies Represented


ABZ Valves

ABZ Valves

  • Rubber seated butterfly valves
  • Teflon seated and Teflon coated butterfly valves
  • High Performance butterfly valves
  • Triple offset butterfly valves
  • Electric and pneumatic actuators and accessories

PBV Valves

  • Three-piece forged body trunnion ball valves
  • Two piece floating ball valves
  • Small diameter one/two/three piece ball valves
  • API 6D floating ball and swing check valves
  • Worm gear operators
  • Z1 Unibody Power Metal Seated Ball Valve
  • Z2 Two-Piece Industrial Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valve
  • Engineered solutions for demanding service
DSI Valves

DSI Valves

  • Cast gate, globe and check valves
  • Forged gate, globe and check valves in conventional and welded bonnets
  • Pressure seal valves
  • Full range of carbon, stainless and chrome alloy steels
  • Bevel gear operators
Quadrant Valves

Quadrant Valves and Controls

  • One-Piece Threaded Ball Valves
  • Two-Piece Threaded Ball Valves
  • Seal Welded Ball Valves
  • Maintenance Design Ball Valves
  • Actuation
KENCO Engineering

KENCO Engineering

  • Electronic level measurement
  • Mechanical level measurement
  • Sight flow indication
  • Chemical process equipment
  • Engine and gas compressor equipment
Bonomi North America

Bonomi North America

  • Brass/Commercial Ball Valves
  • Lead Free Plumbing/Commercial Ball Valves
  • Stainless and Carbon Steel Ball Valves
  • Multi Port Valves
  • V Port Ball Valves
  • Brass and Stainless Check Valves
  • Steam Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Direct Mount Actuators and Controls