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?Bonomi North America
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Passion is an ingredient that cannot be missing in our job”. We think this sentence might best express a group's spirit, and in this case it is a group made by three companies, believing in values like quality and excellence, as well as human values and special ingredients like enthusiasm, persistence, energy, and desire to put itself at stake to always improve.

Bonomi Group is a leader in the industrial sector of hydraulics and heating, specialized in the production of components for the regulation and interception of fluids and gases: it consists of three highly skilled companies using their strong mutual competence to give proper efficient answers to the customers and to best handle their requests. Research and development are extremely important to us in the production of mechanical devices for plumbing, industrial and multiutility markets.

The product range of Bonomi Group is unique: it can count on innovative, technologically-advanced products that have no competition in the relevant sectors.

Product Summary

  • Brass/Commercial Ball Valves
  • Lead-Free Plumbing/commercial Ball Valves
  • Stainless and Carvon Steel Ball Valves
  • Multi Port Valves
  • V Port Ball Valves
  • Brass and Stainless Check Valves
  • Steam Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Direct Mount Actuators and Controls