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?ABZ Valves
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ABZ Manufacturing, Inc. originated in 1977 in Madison, Kansas. Its name was derived from the letters of the names of the original incorporators - Al (A), Bill (B) and Ray Zorn (Z). In 1986, ABZ Valves and Controls was created as a division. This division manufactures an American made resilient seated butterfly valve along with quality import valves ranging from rubber seated valves to high performance valves. Direct mount actuation and a full line of automation accessories are also available. In the spring of 1997. The main goal of ABZ Manufacturing, Inc. is to be a "one stop shop" for all our customer's needs. Our company has prospered and grown over the years due to quality products, competitive pricing and prompt deliveries.

ABZ has full manufacturing facilities the United States, South Korea, and China.

Product Summary

  • Rubber seated butterfly valves
  • Teflon seated and Teflon coated butterfly valves
  • High Performance butterfly valves
  • Triple offset butterfly valves
  • Electric and pneumatic actuators and accessories